Bag Filters

Throughout the entire field of product collection and dust control, the Reverse Jet principle is still the leader in its field by virtue of the number of installations.

Bag filters use fabric bags to filter particles from gas streams. A variety of filters in the form of sheets, cartridges or bags, are available. A bag filter operates under suction (generated by a fan), with the negative pressure draws fume gas through the fabric filter. This leaves the dust particles on the surface of the fabric.

They have no internal moving parts – which eliminates mechanical maintenance and extends bag life. Units are characterized by high air capacity in a relatively small floor space. Their applications range from the recovery of valuable products from process operations to removing particulate matter from contaminated gas streams. Filter elements are available in a variety of materials and grades. High temperature elements can handle dust streams up to 220 degree celsius. Chemically resistant elements in ‘DuPont Teflon’ can also be supplied.

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Due to on-going development, we are continuously increasing our product range.